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approval of the hotly debated keystone oil pipeline to run from can did to texas. house majority leader eric cantor argued that's about cleating jobs. >> the president said he wants to make sure that we create jobs, and he wants to be there for the middle class. that's what this bill does. tens of thousands of jobs if not more. >> brown: democrats like new york's charles rangel insisted republicans are in effect holding the payroll tax cut hostage hostage to the pipeline. >> let's get rid of all the pipeline language. let's do what the bill is supposed to do, and let's not put in something that could impede the passage. >> brown: president obama had delayed a decision on the keystone pipeline until 2013. today a white house statement said he would veto the republican bill if it gets to his desk. that seemed unlikely though since senate democrats served notice they'd block the house republican measure first. in addition to the pipeline provision, democrats opposed financing the bill by raising medicare premiums for wealthier seniors and extending a pay freeze for federal workers for anot
that work begin on a canada-to-texas oil pipeline. democrats strongly opposed that provision, and senate majority leader harry reid said he wants to dispense with the bill quickly. >> let's get this vote over with. then we can begin serious negotiations on how to prevent a $1,000 tax hike on american families. the sooner we put this useless partisan charade behind us, the sooner we can negotiate a true, bipartisan solution that protects middle class workers. >> sreenivasan: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell blocked a quick vote on the payroll tax cut. he insisted the top priority should be to pass a trillion dollar spending bill that funds government operations through next september. >> there's agreement on the funding bill but no agreement and no plan at all on how we're going to pass the payroll tax cut extension in the senate. so we ought to finish our most immediate concern first. instead, we've wasted week after week after week. one senseless show vote after another. >> sreenivasan: if there's no action on the spending bill, the government will run out of funds and have to shu
. then on the southern side of this areas like texas, then into the lower mississippi valley, we're talking about heavier rains. that is now on the move. looks like rain will be spreading in towards the midwest as well as right along the mississippi valley. for tonight you do want to watch out for wintry conditions here. for areas of colorado in towards kansas and oklahoma. monday's highs will be -- tuesday, rather, highs will be looking like this. it is getting to be looking cold for oklahoma city. highs at just two degrees. 4 also in chicago. also single digits, 9 in d.c. and 7 degrees in new york. lastly, a look at europe. we'll be talking about largely unsettled weather all around. for the southeast corner here we'll be talking about showers and thunderstorms. then as this frontal system pulls on in, wintry weather both rain and snow will be spreading across the british isles as well as western and central sections of europe. for the alpine region, those mountain areas, you want to watch out for the potential for heavy snowfall. highs for tuesday will be looking at zero in mos
. >> it really energizes me, the young people. >> brown: texas congressman ron paul was either tied for first or a close second. 41% in the nbc poll said his libertarian leaning makes him unacceptable. newt gingrich had been the iowa front-runner just a few weeks back but has fallen far behind. in des moines today, remembering his late mother's mental health problemes, he grew emotional. >> and my whole emphasis on brain science comes in directly from dealing with, uh-- of dealing with, you know, the real problems of real people in my family. and so it's not a theory. it's in fact, you know, my mother. >> this is very personal for me. it's not just political. it's not just public. >> brown: moment recalled hillary clinton's emotional moment just before the 2008 democratic primary in new hampshire. she went on to win there. back in iowa, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum continued pressing to add to his late surge. he's not running third. another former front-runner, texas governor rick perry, was running fourth or fifth, depending on the poll. >> the day that president obama came into
with the caucuses set for tuesday. the cnn-"time" survey found mitt romney leading now, with 25%. texas congressman ron paul had 22%, after a recent surge. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum polled 16%-- three times what he had a month ago. and, newt gingrich slumped nearly 20 points in recent weeks to 14%. new turmoil erupted across syria today, as the presence of arab league peace monitors failed to stop the violence. activists reported security forces killed at least six people in the city of hama and there was word of new shootings in homs, as well. we have a report narrated by cordelia lynch of "independent television news." >> reporter: gunfire on the streets of hama as the army shoots at demonstrators. "freedom will be forever," they cry as teargas is thrown at them. closeby in homs, the monitors sent to observe are forced to dodge bullets. shortly after, their leader stated nothing frightening was happening there. but in the same city they're led as they step outside a clear view of the tanks so publicly withdrawn. yet, the protesters keen to peacefully demonstrate have little faith
're seeing higher interest rates. this is royalty interest in nat gas 'oil wells in texas, domestic production, went public at 18, now 19 and change. >> another great theme, on shore, oil and gas exploration, keeps us out of the gulf of mexico, gets our people out of the middle east and creates lots of jobs and high quality jobs. it's a real awakening there because of hydraulic drilling, which is getting though those deposits. oil production is up 20% in west texas, i think it's a great story going forward for on shore drilling and exploration. >> tom: i know you're in the a macro economist, but both these picks seem to foretell a stronger economy, don't they? >> well, i think we can do okay. but even a 1.5, 2% economy is fine. the p. e. r. is going to pay out 926789%, that's pretty steady even if you don't get i lot of capital gains, you'll probably beat the s&p 500. >> tom: how about disclosurees, do you or your clients have long positions? >> clients are long positions on both names. >> tom: you can e-mail us questions at bryan perry, editor of >> susie: here's what's co
. house democrats, like sheila jackson-lee of texas, rejected that route as risky and unnecessary. >> let me tell you what we're doing today. the washington republicans are taking a high risk gamble. this is gambling. this is throwinghe dice. >> the senate stands adjourned. >> brown: for its part the senate has already left washington for a month-long holiday recess. and a spokesman for senate majority leader harry reid said we are not coming back. we are not appointing negotiators until they pass the senate compromise. adding to the stakes is the pressure to extend long-term unemployment benefits past year's end. and to waive huge cuts in medicare payments to doctors before they take effect january 18. both were in the senate bill that the house rejected today. todd, what's your reporting todd zwillich is covering the back and forth on capitol hill for "the takeaway" from public radio international and wnyc. he joins us now. tell you about what led to today's rejection of the extension by house republicans? where is the pressure coming from? >> well, the pressure really appears to be on
to corrale every available vote. on a bus tour of the state, texas governor rick perry talked up his achievements. he tried to regain lost ground. >> we passed record tort reform. i balanced six state budgets as the governor of the state of texas. we worked to create the best job creation environment in america. i'm a social conservative who has defended traditional marriage and protected the unborn children, including signing a budget that defunded planned parenthood. >> woodruff: michele bachmann was making ten stops on her own bus tour of the state. the minnesota congresswoman was using the week in a last attempt for momentum. she's dropped from the spotlight since winning the iowa straw poll back in august. newt gingrich also had his moment as frontrunner in iowa. but has since fallen back. in dubuque today, he played up his record as speaker of the house in the 1990s, dealing with then-president clinton. >> i was effective. i actually got the deal done. so it wasn't 112% pure. but it worked. we had a liberal democrat decide welfare reform, we had a liberal democrat deciding tax
oil pipeline to run from canada to texas. they said it would create thousands of jobs. president obama wants to delay the project for further environmental studies, but today, house speaker john boehner was adamant against waiting. >> if that bill comes over to us, we will make changes to it, and i can guarantee you that the keystone pipeline will be in there when it goes back to the united states senate. >> lehrer: democrats condemned republicans for insisting on the pipeline despite the president's opposition. house minority whip steny hoyer. >> they have added an item that the president said he's going to veto, contrary to their pledge to america, and their pledge to america said they would not add extraneous matter to must-pass bills. >> lehrer: later, a white house spokesman declined to repeat that veto threat. in case an agreement cannot be reached, there was talk of a possible plan "b"-- a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut that would come with a $40 billion price tag. >> woodruff: the next chapter in the wikileaks saga. ray suarez has our report. >> suarez: the normally
's now at the university of texas in austin. andrew wilder is the director of afghanistan and pakistan programs at the united states institute of peace. he has worked in both countries for more than 20 years, running humanitarian organizations and doing research. we thank you both for being with us. andrew wilder, to you first. on today's bombing. these are rare, as we said, have been years since something like this has happened in afghanistan. sectarian violence on shiites. what is the significance that it's happening now? >> as if afghanistan needed a new kind of violence. we haven't seen this kind of sectarian attack in afghanistan. it's quite frequent and common in pakistan to see this kind of attack. but not in afghanistan. that's why it's very unusual. again, a coordinated attack in three cities at the same time. really unfortunate to see this kind of sunni-she a type of violence in afghanistan. the attacks have been mostly directed at official tarring hes, military targets but not sectarian tarring hes like the shia community. >> woodruff: we reported that a pakistani sunni mili
democrat sherrod brown and texas republican kay bailey hutchison. >> brown: gwen ifill talks to marcia coyle from the "national law journal" over who owns montana's rivers. >> woodruff: we update the growing tensions in syria with a surprising denial of president assad that he ordered a deadly crackdown on protesters. >> brown: and censer michels reports on the discovery of a so called goldilocks planet. not too hold, not too cold, maybe just right to support life. >> it will be hard to learn too much more about the potentially habitable planets any time soon since it's 600 light years away. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's naur. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions
. >> reporter: texas congressman ron paul was drawing big crowds and running second or even tied with romney for the lead. >> and this is the dramatic difference is between now and even four years ago. the people know that we have a serious economic problem to deal with. and most people now-- i believe the statistics and the polling shows that-- 70% of the american people are now saying enough is enough. >> suarez: he got another boost overnight when iowa state senator kent sorensen endorsed him. sorenson had been state chairman for minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann. >> in 2010, when i was running for the state senate, congressman paul came in three separate events for me, and i felt like he was by my side in a tough race, now it's time for me to be by his side, when he has an opportunity, and he's in a tough race himself. >> suarez: bachmann insisted she's staying in the race, despite lagging numbers. and her campaign claimed sorensen was paid a large sum of money to defect-- a claim ron paul denied. meanwhile, things were looking up for rick santorum, who tripled his support in the
oil pipeline from canada to texas. republicans wanted it, democrats stoutly opposed it, and president obama threatened a veto. but house speaker john boehner counseled calm today. >> i think everyone just needs to step back and take a deep breath. i think there's an easy way to untangle all of this. we just need to let the members do their jobs and we need to let the two institutions do their work. >> woodruff: for his part, at a washington event, the president urged congress to get all of it done-- the tax cut extension, the spending bill and another extension of long-term unemployment benefits. >> there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to extend these items before holidays. there's no reason the government should shut down over this and expect all of us to do what's necessary to do the people's business and make sure it's done before the end of the year. >> woodruff: but while there was still time to make a deal, a new poll suggested the damage has already been done to congress' standing. the pew survey found two-thirds of americans want most lawmakers voted out of office in 201
to the southern tip of texas to the willacy detention center. when she first arrived, mary was warned about willacy by a fellow detainee. >> she said, "it's terrible, it's really terrible. and you need to tell them you need to go back to canada because you don't want to stay in someplace like this. this is not for you." >> hinojosa: willacy had been built quickly in 2006. designed to hold up to 3,000 detainees, it was run by a private prison contractor and was one of the largest detention centers in the country. >> what's stunning about it is the sheer size of it. it looks like an airfield, with these kevlar white domed tents. and you walk in and there's razor wire all around it. and in each one of them, they're holding 200 people with very limited space and movement, where they are basically warehoused in order to effectuate their removal. >> hinojosa: mark fleming was part of a special human rights commission for the organization of american states that inspected willacy in 2009. >> ice establishes these facilities mainly to make sure that they show up for their hearing, and if they're or
. >> reporter: with recent cases of alleged medicare fraud in tennessee, maryland and texas, bennett estimates nearly 20% of medicare costs are due to fraud. >> we're talking about billions and billions of dollars of fraud that isn't uncovered. >> reporter: back in california two insurers, kaiser and heritage, have filed lawsuits accusing prime of exaggerating patient conditions and fraudulent billing practices. prime has denied the allegations. in a detailed written statement, prime spokesman wrote, "codes are not the actual definitions of the diseases, and they are not error proof. here at the prime medicare guidelines although they're imprecise." a medicare spokeswoman declined to comment. but this woman said it was time to quit the company earlier this year. >> i was thinking about whether or not some governmental agency would be walking through the door and handcuffing us all and subpoenaing records and carrying them out in boxes. >> reporter: three california congressmen have asked medicare to investigate suspected fraud in prime's billing. and the f.b.i. has recently begun interviewing
. >> ( laughs ) >> and if you look at newt- romney, they were for the $700 billion bailout. >> woodruff: texas congressman ron paul charged gingrich with repeatedly shifting his views on key issues. >> you have admitted many of the positions where you have changed positions. but, you know, if you were looking for a consistent position, you know, i think there'd be a little bit of trouble, anybody competing with me on consistency over a long period of time. ( cheers and applause ) >> woodruff: texas governor rick perry, meanwhile, hammered romney over the health care law he signed as governor of massachusetts. >> i read your first book and it said in there that your mandate in massachusetts should be the model for the country. and i know it came out of the reprint of the book, but you know, i'm just saying you're for individual mandates, my friend. >> you know what? you've raised that before, rick, and you're still wrong. >> it was true then. >> no, no. >> and it's true now. ( laughter ) >> rick, i'll tell you what: 10,000 bucks-- ( applause ) $10,000 bet? >> i'm not in the betting business, bu
of stock listings, after more than 60 years on the big board, texas instruments will soon have a new trading home. the company announced today its moving its stock listing from the n.y.s.e. to the nasdaq beginning in the new year. so, a new exchange, but the same ticker symbol-- t-x-n. still ahead, another day in the hot seat on capitol hill for former m.f. global c.e.o. jon corzine, with more details about missing client money. >> susie: improvement on the jobs front helped stocks move higher. weekly jobless claims fell by 19,000 to their lowest level since may of 2008 with 366,000 workers filing initial claims. that encouraging trend supported stock-- the dow rose 45 points the nasdaq added just over a point, and the s&p 500 rose nearly four. but despite that positive jobs news, brace yourself for another year of a weak economy and maybe a recession. that's the 2012 forecast from bank of america merrill lynch. here are the highlights: the investment firm expects global economic growth of 3.5% but here in the u.s., the economy will be weaker, growing less than 2%. and there's a 40%
register poll found gingrich was 25%. texas congressman ron paul was second at 18% followed by former massachusetts governor mitt romney at 16%. the nbc news survey released on sunday also had gingrich in the lead but with romney in second and paul just a point behind. seizing on the mow men actual, the gingrich campaign today released its first television ain iowa. >> some people say the america we know and love is a thing of the past. i don't believe that. because working together, i know we can rebuild america. >> woodruff: the candidate himself sounded upbeat as reporters shouted questions to him during a trip today to new york city. >> what do you think of the new poll? >> good. >> can you beat obama? >> yes. >> woodruff: gingrich was in new york to meet with real estate mogul donald trump who plans to host a republican debate in iowa later this month. some of the new suppo for gingrich in iowa came from herman cain who quit the race on saturday amid allegations of sexual harassment and an extra marital affair. >> i am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued
. i wouldn't recommend it to others. >> chris hitchens who died, age 62n thursdayn houston texas, thank you for joining us. see you next time. >> funding for charlieose has been proded by the coca-cola company suorting this program since 2002. and american express.
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